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Squid Man Movie - The Story

Squid Man commuting

"I can shoot ink out my fingers.... That's about it really.
Sometimes, in pressure situations, I can shoot it out of my toes."

Being a superhero ain't what it used be.

Squid Man gets downsized out of the crime-fighting team "the Superhero Society," and he can't even land a job as an office temp. He's forced to crash out on the couch of his aimless former sidekick (and only friend) Warren. Now he spends his time boozing it up in a dead end bar, reminiscing about the days when the hero groupies were plentiful and even a second-rater like him could save the universe (if only by accident.)

But when a reporter wants to include him in an upcoming book about superheroes, Squid Man is forced to face the dark mysteries of his past... and the even more unsettling idea that he might actually have a future.

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